McCarthy: Communist

April 7, 2009

Commenter DH has got the goods on McCarthy

a) Lied publicly to advance totalitarian forces in Europe against American interests.
b) Sided with enemy forces against American soldiers.
c) Falsely accused American officials of crimes.
d) Took up this tainted cause at least in part because of heavy financial support from an ultra-right-wing German-American businessman in Wisconsin.
e) Managed to help both Nazis and communists at once, a feat rarely seen since the end of the Hitler-Stalin pact.


He was a total liar. A complete fraud. Probably also a secret communist in my estimation.

Now, does anyone have evidence against the idea that McCarthy was a closet communist?


Epistemology FAIL

April 1, 2009

Epistemology has never been Graeme’s strong suit, but he’s really outdone himself in the idiocy stakes this time:

So basically all of you picked up on the idea that this fellow was using an alias because of the mass-murders in his country by Odinga.

So the only evidence provided for the “Obama born in Kenya” conspiracy theory is a quote published under an alias from someone allegedly living in Kenya. Most would dismiss any testimony from an unknown source on the internet out of hand. Not Graeme.

Conspiracy theorised

March 29, 2009

Bird has changed his story: we now have multiple posts asserting that a “small conspiracy” is hiding the truth of Obama’s Kenyan origins.

I assume a small conspiracy buttressed by leftist lying

But just how small could this conspiracy be? At an absolute minimum, the following people must be involved:

  • The president.
  • Many of the president’s aides and staffers.
  • The president’s parents.
  • Many members of the Hawaiian police who are covering up Obama’s murder/kidnap of his own grandmother.
  • Every single person in the Hawaiian department of health with access to the birth registry. They would be able to cross-reference the published birth certificate with department records. No doubt the Republicans and Hillary supporting democrats have already done so.
  • Two federal judges.
  • Many Kenyan officials who would be able to produce Obama’s Kenyan birth record (if it existed).
  • Dozens of Hillary and McCain operatives who would have thoroughly investigated this story during the primaries and the election campaign.

So at an absolute minimum, over one hundred individuals are alleged to be involved. These range from federal court judges to Hawaiian police officers and health department bureaucrats and are spread over two continents and a pacific island. 

Given the overwhelming evidence in favour of the official narrative, you’d expect Graeme to have some aces up his sleeve. Laughably, this is the only evidence offered so far:

So in fact none of you dummies have any evidence that Obama wasn’t born in the Coast Providence Hospital in Mombassa Kenya.

So the only evidence in favour of the deranged conspiracy theory is that no one has evidence against the theory. Sadly for Graeme literally hundreds of debunkings exist, including this modest effort.

Graeme knows this. Graeme is a liar.

Question filibustered

March 22, 2009

Bird has had well over a dozen chances to explain who is part of the Obama “conspiracy”, yet we are still none the wiser.

Theories explaining this filibuster would be appreciated.

Conspiracy debunked

March 16, 2009

While browsing Bird’s comments on the Washington Independent, I came across the following smackdown which deserves further attention:

You have no evidence, and when that fact is proven to you once again, you predictably incorporate it into part of a bigger conspiracy. so what’s the count of the active players of this conspiracy up to now, anyway? So far, I count:
The President, his staff, his parents, The government of Indonesia, the government of Kenya (or the United Kingdom), the State government of Hawaii, A Hawaiian newspaper 50 years ago, The United States Senate, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Supreme court, all the lower courts that have thrown these ridiculous suits out, The media, and now, another judge… That’s an awful lot of people to organize into hiding something. Do you ever wonder if there was a simpler explanation? you know, like one that involves you being completely wrong?


Don’t worry. Everybody else does.


Bird, I doubt you’re man enough to backdown on this, so I’d appreciate it if you could confirm which entities are part of the conspiracy. Thanks.

Update 1: Bird has dodged the question 4 times so far.

Update 2: Another 2 dodges, bringing the total to 6.

Update 3: This has turned into a real filabuster. More than 10 failures to answer the question.

Bird flies left

March 13, 2009

It finally happened – Bird has embraced the corporate state:

I’M ON THEIR SIDE. I’m not on your side anymore. Reindustrialisation, by any means necessary, short of subsidy.

We can be sure the subsidies will follow. After all, what’s a struggling fish farmer to do if some seagulls eat his livelihood?

Bird is now openly to the left of Rudd and Obama on trade protection:

I say the reindustrialisation is more important than ideological purity when it comes to tariffs.


We can stop the bleed now and lock in tariff reductions for later when certain reindustrialisation metrics have been met.

 Hayek is rejected:

Reindustrialisation and sound money are the goals of liberty.

Wrong. Liberty is about leaving individuals free to pursue their own ends.

Graeme, your craven submission to the economic left is a disgrace. Renounce your LDP membership immediately before you discredit tireless champions of liberty like Hill, Soon and Humphreys.

I hear Kim Ill Carr is looking for some heavies – you’d more than fill the position.

Did Obama disappear or murder his own grandmother?

March 10, 2009

These are the only possibilities explaining her “alleged death”  according to our in-hour conspiracy theorist.

The only news of her being sick was that three weeks before her alleged death Barry’s half-sister said on her blog that she had been diagnosed with multiple mylopa. The average time it takes to die after diagnosis of mm is 3 years not 3 weeks.

If she’s dead she was likely murdered. But there is no real chance she is dead.

This embrace of the looniest internet conspiracy theories represents nothing less than a complete detachment from reality.

Does the fiscal multiplier exist?

March 9, 2009

Graeme has publically attacked Mark Hill but deletes Mark’s excellent responses.

Here’s a forum for Mark to make his case, censorship free.

Is Obama an usurper?

March 8, 2009

(Of course) Graeme thinks so.

Update 1: Bird goes nuts. 10 angry, consecutive posts, but no evidence the birth certificate was forged.

Update 2: Bird believes there’s “no real chance” Obama’s grandmother is dead, but if she is then she was “likely murdered” by Obama.

Archibald (2006): “The worst climate science paper ever of all time anywhere”

March 8, 2009

Regular readers will know that our feathered friend has long defended “Solar Cycles 24 and 25 and Predicted Climate Response” by D. Archibald. While browsing Nexus 6, I came across a damning takedown of this very paper! Nexus 6 dubs it “The worst climate science paper ever of all time anywhere”, reading through the post it’s not hard to see why.

There are far too many flaws to reproduce here, so I’ll limit myself to a couple of key paragraphs.

To determine a temperature baseline for predicting response to solar cycles 24 and 25 (we’re currently in 23), Archibald takes a startling approach. Instead of using world-wide temperature data, only data from the US mainland is used. Additionally, Archibald decided that only data from rural meteorological stations should be used to avoid the urban heat island effect. Fair enough, you may say. But the catch is, he chose just 5 stations out of the hundreds and hundreds available! Not only did he only choose 5, all 5 were within several hundred miles of each other in South Eastern USA!

The possibility of these stations being representative of anything other than the small local region they covered is non-existent.

There must be something special about the chosen five. And there sure is – they show lower temperatures in the latter half of the 20th century compared to the first half. This actually forms one of the major conclusions of the paper!

Funnily enough this is exactly the ciriticism made by others including statistics expert Mark Hill. It gets worse:

Archibald then decides to predict what the temperature response to solar cycles 24 and 25 will be. To do this he first hypothesizes that temperature is responding to solar cycle amplitude (in this case, the number of sunspots per year). Instead of 5 meteorological stations, this time he decides to use only 1, De Bilt in the Netherlands!

It gets worse from there, with Nexus demonstrating Archy’s failure to apply even basic statistical techniques correctly. This is devastating stuff for those flew Archy’s flag on their mast. At this point they have one option: To eat the humble pie and recant their support for this pseudoscientific nonsense.