Official betting thread

A lot of angry opinions have been expressed around these parts, but since talk is cheap little of value has been exchangd.

Betting is a mechanism by which men who stand by their predictions can be separated from boys who rant on internet forums.

With Rudd’s $900 bonus coming soon, no commenter can plead poverty. So here’s YOUR chance to stand up and tell the world you are a man.


38 Responses to “Official betting thread”

  1. JohnZ Says:

    I’ll get the ball rolling.

    Graeme, how much will you bet that the price of oil will be > $ 100 / barrel at the end of the year?

  2. JohnZ Says:

    I’ll give you 50 : 1 that your “expansion by way of stretchmarks” theory doesn’t get picked up in a peer-reviewed journal within 2 years

  3. Adrien Says:

    I’ll bet Graeme $100 that his arse will be classified as a planet by the end of the century.

  4. Mark Hill Says:

    My bet still stands:

    When the 900 Keviniros become available, I will put mine up in escrow, as I also request Graeme to do so, in a high interest bearing account.

    Winner takes all when 2005 daily production targets are beaten (me) or by 28th March, 2014 when we still haven’t beaten 2005 production levels (Graeme).

    I have put my money where my mind is. Thus, I AM A MAN.

    Man up Turkey, or you will be taunted childishly and relentlessly as “Tinkerbell”. Graeme could make another $1400 on top of his $900 outlay and the expiry of this trade. For a “sure thing”, this seems like pure arbitrage for Graeme.

  5. gmb Says:

    listen Mark Hill you stupid cunt. do you think I am going to let my money be abused by a fractional reserve ponzi schemer?

    i am taking my stimulus money and purchasing copper wire which i will then bury in an undisclosed location. so stop with your silliness.

  6. Richard Glover Says:

    This vile site provides direct evidence of why Mr Bird is absolutely justified in keeping a strict editorial policy.

    I mean its totally overrun with vile defamations, identity theft and other juvenile innuendos about Mr Bird’s appearance and character.

    The bet you should be looking at is over whether you can maintain civilized discourse for an entire week.

  7. Graeme Montgomery Bird Says:

    You’re always behind me when I need succour, Dick.

  8. Mark Hill Says:


    I am always civilised. I never let the first insult go unpunished however.

  9. Richard Glover Says:

    Mr Hill,

    I agree you are very polite as you agitate for chinese communism.

  10. the RuPaultard Says:

    Dick Glover…. are you related to Fatima Pants, Lydia Dustbin and Mike Hunt?

  11. Richard Glover Says:

    Yes, Yes, we all know this and my parents were horrified at what they had done when I explained it to them. I’ve heard this line since primary school. Bringing it up again is just another poor reflection of the intellectual capacity of the participants at this site.

  12. the RuPaultard Says:

    methinks the purported Dick Glover might in fact be a certain Bird, comma Gee Emm.

  13. Mark Hill Says:

    “I agree you are very polite as you agitate for chinese communism.”

    No I don’t. The Chinese don’t agitate for Communism either.

  14. Richard Glover Says:

    Mr Hill,

    “The Chinese don’t agitate for Communism either.”

    Naivety is one of your most charming features, but your role as apologist for the chinese communist party is less so.

    The chinese are merely true to Marx. They believe marx’s teaching that communism couldn’t be reached by going direct from fuedalism. To reach communism a nation must go through a capitalist stage first before the communist revolution.

    Never make the mistake though this is a temporary reprieve before they enslave a billion people, and wage genocidal war on the planet to enslave the other billions with them.

  15. Mark Hill Says:

    Yeah they must be *geniuses*,

    Post 1900, they went from imperial feudalism, warlordism, corrupt democratic capitalism, communist insurgency, collectivisation and proto feudalism (still in existence) and then *fascist market socialism* under which living standards have increased dramatically but access to information and human rights have been crushed.

    I am sure there room for dialectics and a revolution of the proles in there somewhere.

  16. Graeme Montgomery Bird Says:

    fuck off mark you fucking cunt

    dick has my back all the time

  17. Molly Meldrum Says:

    Bird is to “strict editorial control” as Dr Mengele is to “strict hygiene control”.

  18. Mark Hill Says:


    How very Derek and Clive-esque of you:

  19. Mark Hill Says:

    “Betting is a mechanism by which men who stand by their predictions can be separated from boys who rant on internet forums.”

    Well, Bird HAS shut up a little since this blog started.

  20. Jason Soon Says:

    “are you going to reply to your critics at Z’s blog, tinkerbell?”

    Those aren’t serious critics. They are just a bunch of prancing bumsucking homos. I may not check out Z’s blog for awhile. Its hardly likely that they would have come up with evidence that the carbon tax is a consumer exise surely

  21. Fat, bald conspiracy theorists suck private parts. Says:

    I would shut up too if I lost every single argument. Bird has been made to look like an angry, fat bald little clown as a result of this thread.

  22. GMB Says:

    Wow its great to see you Richard!!! I always suspected you might be Louis Hissink just because there are few people around with both your powerful brain-voltage and sense of fairness.

    For starters people I am not without my faults. And it may be that I don’t get my 950 ponzi dollars on account of that I find it VERY hard to fill in a tax return. I know I know I ought to be able to get it done. But its such a humiliation and its somewhat like Fonzi not being able to say sorry. I can say sorry, and I can admit when I’m wrong, but putting in a tax return to this slime……… thats a tough gig.

    Secondly. I do not wish to continue with this leftist distraction that this tandem-riding Scotsman, James Annan has started. Everytime now when I see that the kids are beaten, after the longest of filibusters and they are totally stomped… then out comes the bet, then the filibuster on the terms of the bet…..

    We don’t want to encourage this unreason. And I will only take up bets that are sure things. And where I can make a pile of money.

    These sure things appear maybe once every ten years or five years if you have a keener eye, on the stockmarket. So what do I need you people for.

    Silver and silver miners will come up soon. And it will be largely a matter of timing and research. I don’t need your dirty money. And you would always maneovre me into a bad deal in any case.

  23. The Anti-Bird Says:

    Bird, quick the babbling and start apologizing to all and sundry for being wrong and for all the absurdities.


  24. Cross dresser Says:

    Finally here’s the man Bra for you, Bird.

  25. Cross dresser Says:

    Bird’s new look.

  26. GMB Says:

    Listen Cambria you stupid cunt. There are things that keep Western Man Together and keep him sane. And one thing is his ability to drive until the wheels fall off supposing he’s trying to give away cigarettes. Or supposing that he aint giving smoking up but still it may be something else………… but driving until the wheels fall off is therapy and ” you can’t run away forever. But there is nothing wrong with getting a GOOD…….HEAD…………START”

    And there are things that we must not encourage. And amongst those things we must not encourage…….. Well we must not encourage Scotsmen to ride tandems. If we cannot steady ourselves, and on a blood oath swear, that we will never encourage a scotsman to ride a tandem, then the four horseman will not dismount their firebreathing foam-stomping steeds. And rather those same steeds, will look for any weakness or misfortune to start ‘stomping the foam and the heat. ‘

    Let us not assist the demon ANNAN nor any of his works.

    This bettng is a load of shit. And if you ever want to come clean you must kneel before me like a “sinner before the gates of heaven”

  27. JohnZ Says:

    Silver and silver miners will come up soon.

    Ok turkey, I think we’ve got the basis for a bet here. What’s your call on silver in US$ / oz on 2009-12-31 ?

  28. lol Says:

    Here’s mine…. gold goes lower. I bet we see $500-600 an ounce this year.

    Here’s my other bet, global stock markets have bottomed and they go up from here with a tolerance of another 50 points on the S&P but much higher this year.

    No money down on this though as I have bets on this.. placed today.

  29. DH Says:

    Hey everyone. Graeme can’t ban comments on his blog for the time being. It’s great fun.

  30. Graeme Montgomery Bird Says:

    I’m into older men, Winchester. Let me be your toy boy.

  31. DH Says:

    He’s getting very woun up over there…

  32. GMB Says:

    Cambria’s predictions look fairly sound. So there is nothing for me to bet on here except the stockmarket itself.

  33. JohnZ Says:

    Ok turkey, what’s your call on the Dow at the end of July?

    Gold? Oil?

  34. GMB Says:

    I cannot possibly make a call on that. Because if I had got the market right that doesn’t stop a Bernanke or a Paulson coming in and doing something hysterical.

    I thought I had a reasonable handle on things and then Bernanke and Paulson made an announcement that they were bailing Fannie and Freddie. Then all my assumptions were turned upside-down. I’d probably be betting similiar to you on these matters.

    I’m pretty sure there will be galloping inflation within 3 years in America. But then again they could find a young Volcker-Austrian type and put him in charge and that would be the end of that.

  35. Steve Edney Says:

    Bird they were always going to bail fannie and freddie they were GSEs. They only had AAA credit because of that gaurrentee.

  36. graemebird Says:

    Thats not right Edney. The bailout came as a massive surprise. Thats why the USD went up in the face of the USA being bankrupt. Everyone had to dumb everything and get USD to cover their shorts.

    These two companies were fundamentally corporatised. They traded on the stockmarket and decades ago they were part of the Warren Buffet favourites.

  37. Fyodor Says:

    Thats why the USD went up in the face of the USA being bankrupt.

    Really? When did the US government default?

    Everyone had to dumb everything and get USD to cover their shorts.

    People don’t need USD to dumb everything, Turkey; they just need you.

  38. the anti-bird Says:

    .Thats why the USD went up in the face of the USA being bankrupt.

    Bird you idiot, the US is not bankrupt.

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