Epistemology FAIL

Epistemology has never been Graeme’s strong suit, but he’s really outdone himself in the idiocy stakes this time:

So basically all of you picked up on the idea that this fellow was using an alias because of the mass-murders in his country by Odinga.

So the only evidence provided for the “Obama born in Kenya” conspiracy theory is a quote published under an alias from someone allegedly living in Kenya. Most would dismiss any testimony from an unknown source on the internet out of hand. Not Graeme.


75 Responses to “Epistemology FAIL”

  1. DH Says:

    Yes. It’s a faith-based conspiracy on Bird’s part.

  2. DH Says:

    Plus Graeme kills puppies.

  3. Fyodor Says:

    He’s jealous of their intellect.

  4. DH Says:

    And the fact that people don’t laugh at them in a smug derisive manner.

  5. 1554 Says:

    and drown kittens.

  6. DH Says:

    He drowns kittens too? Is there any evidence that he doesn’t? That’s shocking.

  7. 1554 Says:

    No evidence that he doesn’t drown kittens, so by applying his standards he must be drowning kittens.

    Anyway here’s a signed affidavit by a Kenyan Scientology pastor that says he saw Bird drowning kittens.


    In the state or niromboolloooo in the Kenyan state of igloo, I pastor of the Scientology church of Kenya make the following declaration….

    On November 10th 2008, I saw Mr. G Bird squatting beside a river drowning what appeared to be a dozen kittens. When i approached Mr. Bird he yelled at me to go away, saying ” fuck you bootniggger cunt, I’m drowning all these kittens”. so fuck off”.

    I make this declaration to the best of my recollection and state that the Mr. Bird in this picture is the same Mr. Bird beside the river drowning kittens.

    signed before a justice of the peace.

    Pastor Adasco Adongo Anindo.
    Church of Scientology Kenya.


    that’s all the evidence I need that bird was drowning kittens.

  8. DH Says:

    1554, that looks like absolutely compelling evidence. It’s on the web so there’s a 99.9% chance that it’s true.

    Graeme should be asahmed of himself.

  9. Fyodor Says:

    That’s pretty damning evidence, JC.

    Birdy, explain yourself.

  10. 1554 Says:

    Yep, DH. Looks pretty solid to me. I’ve no doubt in my mind now that Bird was drowning kittens beside a river in Kenya.

    Speaking to a man of the cloth like that is truly disgusting… while drowning those kittens no less.

  11. DH Says:

    I’m not sure where it was (on a website somewhere I think), but I’ve also heard that the justice of the peace was named Marilyn Monroe, which is a pretty amazing coincidence.

  12. Pastor Wankuku Nakaka-Abayomi Says:


    In the state of Ebola in the northwestern province of Tanzania

    Pastor Wankuku Nakaka-Abayomi, I pastor of the Church of the Black Moses of Tanzania make the following declaration.

    On the 23rd of March 2009, I saw a short, corpulent man of much diminished hair on the crown engaged in unlawful intercourse with two goats at the junction of Wassisi and Nunbatalatami streets in the state of Ebola in the northwestern province of Tanzania. I approach this short, corpulent man of much diminished hair on the crown on his head but substantial hair on his back and asked him what he was doing and he said ‘Fuck off bootnigger, this is custom in the part of rural New Zealand where I come from’. I then decided to leave his company post haste as he reeked of something satanic.

    I make this declaration to the best of my recollection that this pervert looked very much like the individual depicted here


    signed before a justice of the peace.
    Pastor Wankuku Nakaka-Abayomi,
    Church of the Black Moses of Tanzania

  13. 1554 Says:

    Wow! All these affidavits coming out of the word work by men of the cloth describing Bird’s behavior while he was in Kenya. From Kitten drownings to goat sex no less

    The evidence is just overwhelming.

    As Fyodor suggested, Bird, explain yourself and they had better be pretty good ones.

  14. DH Says:

    Bird is a goat-fucker? Who knew?

  15. Fyodor Says:

    Bird is a goat-fucker? Who knew?

    Oh, c’mon: ewe knew.

  16. graemebird Says:

    “So the only evidence provided for the “Obama born in Kenya” conspiracy theory is a quote published under an alias from someone allegedly living in Kenya. Most would dismiss any testimony from an unknown source on the internet out of hand. Not Graeme.”

    Not true. You are micronising the evidence, disaggregating it and then lying about it.

    Remember that his records are still unavailable and under seal. Despite what young Andrew says.

  17. Genghis Sun Says:


    This site is the innovation of the year. You deserve Australian of the Year for this.

  18. graemebird Says:

    A shadow site is innovative. Secondhanders as Rand would call it.

    This Andrew Walden business is not going anywhere:

    “Andrew has got nothing. He has magically made a pathetic forgery good. He’s come up with a nonsense hospital claim for which he refuses to say how. Almost none of his links check out as relevant and adding towards his case, the stories about what would have had to have happened for Obama to have been born in Kenya are wild conjecture, and he’s disaggregated the case from general eligibility proper to birthplace only.

    Neither Andrew, Obama, or anyone else is willing to prove eligibility so he’s a usurper. End of story. Eligibility always includes willingness to prove same. So he’s not eligibile on that basis alone.”

  19. DH Says:

    Hear hear!

  20. DH Says:

    Oh, and by the way:


  21. birdy-and-rph-lost-it Says:

    Fun to see that that article does drive him even more crazy. Nothing like moonbats to get other moonbats to go balistic 🙂

  22. graemebird Says:

    The Phil Berg/Orly Taitz side of the argument would be right even if they turned out to be wrong in every last specific detail. They are not wrong but they would still be right.

    Since its really an argument against special priviledges for marxist interlopers. But more than that its an argument for reason and against unreason. We only know stuff through reason and evidence. This is the implicit assumption of the Berg/Taitz side of the argument. Whereas the side arguing for lax security, against vigilance, and for special priviledges for marxists are on the anti-reason occult epistemology side of the argument. They believe they can know things without investigation. They are the epitome of nutballery David Horowitz alone excepted.

  23. birdy-and-rph-lost-it Says:


    Phil Berg became famous by trying to sue the Bush administration for 9/11.

    The guy is a complete nutcase.

  24. Fyodor Says:

    Phil Berg became famous by trying to sue the Bush administration for 9/11.

    The guy is a complete nutcase.

    Yah. Everybody knows Saddam was behind it. Ask Birdy.

  25. graemebird Says:

    “Phil Berg became famous by trying to sue the Bush administration for 9/11.

    The guy is a complete nutcase.”

    Completely irrelevant. But lets have the evidence for that also. I’ve seen it in wikipedia. Or on leftist websites. I’d want more than that as well it would have to predate his action against the usurper.

  26. Genghis Sun Says:

    The dental establishment is apparently infiltrated by communists too …


  27. 1554 Says:


    Have thought about the conspiracy to put fluoride in water? Is that something you could cut you teeth into after this one? No pun intended of course.

  28. DH Says:

    Graeme’s true self has finally been released:


  29. graemebird Says:

    Fluoride is a poison. So of course we are being gutless not taking it out of the water. Its up to each person to buy fluoride toothpaste for their kids if they believe it has some sort of voodoo healing properties.

  30. graemebird Says:

    So nothing on these Phil Berg smears hey?

  31. DH Says:

    Hey doofus. Here’s the order dismissing Berg’s suit against Bush.


  32. graemebird Says:

    So what?

    Who was he representing? If he’s a good lawyer he will represent his client. You cannot read too much into it.

  33. DH Says:

    Presumably he was also advising his client in this barking mad case.

  34. graemebird Says:

    Well so far we don’t have much on his own motives in this case. But that Youtube I mentioned does not show unreasonableness yet. Find some more of him talking and see if he incriminates himself like you do the whole time.

    So far he checks out as a reasonable man. But on a rather limited recording.

  35. DH Says:

    Come off it Graeme, the only person here who incriminates themselves by striding around in giant clown shoes is you.

  36. 1554 Says:

    You filibustering fat fuck, present the evidence of shut the hell up.

  37. graemebird Says:

    Where is your evidence Cambria?

    He’s withholding his gear you stupid cunt. Thats a confession. And obviously so as a moments reflection would tell you if you weren’t such a dumb cunt.

    Now lets have your evidence for his eligibility. Or is that faith-based you stupid bootnigge?

  38. 1554 Says:

    Prove it, you fat fuck. It’s not up to me or anyone else to provide any evidence as we’re not making the assertion . YOU ARE, fatso.

  39. 1554 Says:

    So far all you’ve done is filibuster numerous threads with this cooked up conspiracy theory of yours. You’d be far better off doing a few hard hours at the gym, you obese bald fathead, than carrying on like a goat fucker caught in the act.

    Evidence please. Go! Or get of the toilet seat, you lard ball.

  40. DH Says:

    Yes, Graeme. That goat-fucking evidence is pretty damning if you ask me. And the kittens and the puppies.

    BTW, is there any evidence of eyewitnesses to GHW Bush’s birth? What about Harry Truman or Richard Nixon? If not then we are clearly in the midst of a retrospective constitutional crisis.

  41. DH Says:

    Further fun facts!


  42. DH Says:

    “So nothing on these Phil Berg smears hey?”

    Here’s the video that Bird posted on his Blog-of-Stupid (http://graemebird.wordpress.com/2009/04/03/phil-berg-on-911/#comments) to ascertain, so it seems, that Phil Berg is just a reasonable regular guy.

    Berg believes the towers were collapsed by controlled demolition.

    Quoth Bird: “I don’t know if he’s been unreasonable with regards to 9/11 or not. But within the confines of this short YouTube I cannot yet see how he is being unreasonable.”

    If this isn’t conclusive proof of nutballery, I don’t know what is.

    Bird is palling around with nutballs, paranoics, and serial defendants in medical malpractice suits.

  43. DBD Says:

    Agreed 1554.

    Bird, you really need some fresh air and exercise, and possibly to lay off the prescription amphetamine.

    That stuff will rot your brain.

    ‘It’s not up to me or anyone else to provide any evidence as we’re not making the assertion . YOU ARE’

    The Birds MO…as seen anywhere he is involved in debate.

    Step 1: Bird makes a bold and unsubstantiated claim.

    Step 2: He then refuses to provide any credible evidence for the claim he has made, instead demanding that his claim be DISPROVED by others.

    Step 3: Someone takes the bait, and attempts to disprove his claim.

    Step 4: He accuses all contrary evidence of being falsified or part of a Leftist conspiracy. However, he still fails to provide any evidence of his own.

    Step 5: Commences foaming at the mouth. Calls everyone who doesnt take his conspiracy theory seriously a “lying cunt” or “marxist bootnigger” etc. This stage can last for several hours

    Step 6: Resolution. Contrary posts are removed from his site. If said debate occurs on someone elses site, return to step 4. Continue until opponents brain falls out.

    See GrodsCorp’s Thread Of Death @ http://www.grods.com/post/5303/

    Graham, im serious here. You are obviously no fool, but you are obviously suffering from mania or, as i have suggested previously, a dangerous amphetamine habit. Either way, GET HELP or you could do yourself some serious damage.

  44. DH Says:

    Oh dear. Apart from the aliens, we now have this on Bird’s blog of stupid:

    “…all woman are crazy and none is objective.”


    I guess that means Sarah Palin isn’t on his party list for 2012.

  45. birdy-and-rph-lost-it Says:

    And he never has heard of Marie Curie, Margaret Mead, Sally Ride or Valentina Tereshkova.

  46. graemebird Says:

    All crazy and none objective.

    But now that you’ve mentioned Margaret Mead… Well that is a special case.

    Margaret Mead was a special kind of idiot that went far beyond her gender.

  47. graemebird Says:

    Factcheck is fraudulent and full-of-shit.

    So far you guys have been relying totally on brandnames.

    We’ve had the brand-names of the economist, Frontpage Magazine, and now factcheck.

    But what we have not had is any evidence for this faith-based Hawaiian birth.

  48. graemebird Says:

    I feel ripped off that I’ve ever had to scroll up and waste my time in the hope that you’d come up with something worthwhile. Its just the same every day. An evidence free zone.

  49. graemebird Says:

    Still no evidence for anything at all. No evidence that any of your opinions are ever more than faith-based.

  50. DH Says:

    Isn’t it funny how much Graeme reminds you of these guys?

    Timothy McVeigh:

    ” I know in my heart that I am right in my struggle, Steve. I have come to peace with myself, my God and my cause. Blood will flow in the streets, Steve. Good vs. Evil. Free Men vs. Socialist Wannabe Slaves. Pray it is not your blood, my friend.”

    Knoxville church shooter James Adkisson:

    “Know this if nothing else: This was a hate crime. I hate the damn left-wing liberals. There is a vast left-wing conspiracy in this country & these liberals are working together to attack every decent & honorable institution in the nation, trying to turn this country into a communist state. Shame on them….

    “This was a symbolic killing. Who I wanted to kill was every Democrat in the Senate & House, the 100 people in Bernard Goldberg’s book. I’d like to kill everyone in the mainstream media. But I know those people were inaccessible to me. I couldn’t get to the generals & high ranking officers of the Marxist movement so I went after the foot soldiers, the chickenshit liberals that vote in these traitorous people. Someone had to get the ball rolling. I volunteered. I hope others do the same. It’s the only way we can rid America of this cancerous pestilence.”

    “I thought I’d do something good for this Country Kill Democrats til the cops kill me….Liberals are a pest like termites. Millions of them Each little bite contributes to the downfall of this great nation. The only way we can rid ourselves of this evil is to kill them in the streets. Kill them where they gather. I’d like to encourage other like minded people to do what I’ve done. If life aint worth living anymore don’t just kill yourself. do something for your Country before you go. Go Kill Liberals”

  51. DH Says:

    Graeme is hilariously now arguing that a monument should be erected in Canberra to US traitor, chronic alcoholic and self-loathing closet gay Joe McCarthy now.

    He was the guy who defended the SS war criminals who murdered 83 members of the 82nd Airborne Division at Malmedy in 1945.

    What a hero.

  52. graemebird Says:

    I am right about this and you are wrong.

    I follow reason and you do not.

  53. graemebird Says:

    If you won’t tell us this story about McCarthy defending alleged Nazis (What a crime in the 50’s when the war was over and we won) on my blog then why not explain you cunt-self here.

  54. DH Says:

    “…his infamous 1949 campaign on behalf of Nazi S.S. officers who were convicted of war crimes for the massacre of American troops in the town of Malmedy during the Battle of the Bulge. On their orders, 83 American prisoners of war had been murdered by Waffen S.S. machine-gunners. The S.S. officers were sentenced to death, but McCarthy insisted that the entire case was a frame-up, with confessions obtained by horrific torture. He intervened in Senate hearings on the case and lied repeatedly during his defense of the Nazi murderers. His most spectacular claim was that the American investigators had crushed the testicles of German prisoners as an interrogation technique. McCarthy was later shown to have served as the pawn of neo-Nazi and communist provocateurs who were using the Malmedy case to whip up anti-American sentiment in postwar Germany. The main source for his false charges concerning Malmedy was a Germany lawyer named Rudolf Aschenauer, whose closest ties were to the postwar Nazi underground and to American right-wing isolationists, but who has also been identified as a communist agent. Aschenauer testified at U.S. Senate hearings in Germany that he had passed information about Malmedy to McCarthy. The S.S. officers were guilty, as the Senate report confirmed — although most of them later got their death sentences commuted in a gesture to former Nazi officials who aided the West in the Cold War. But McCarthy had succeeded in his larger purpose, winning publicity for himself and casting a negative light on the war-crimes trials.”

    Just unconscionable, traitorous behaviour.

  55. DH Says:

    So we have established that McCarthy:

    a) Lied publicly to advance totalitarian forces in Europe against American interests.
    b) Sided with enemy forces against American soldiers.
    c) Falsely accused American officials of crimes.
    d) Took up this tainted cause at least in part because of heavy financial support from an ultra-right-wing German-American businessman in Wisconsin.
    e) Managed to help both Nazis and communists at once, a feat rarely seen since the end of the Hitler-Stalin pact.

    Truly he was filled with the treasonous poison.

  56. Genghis Sun Says:

    clearly Graeme is a Nazi sympathiser

  57. DH Says:

    And a traitor.

  58. graemebird Says:

    “a) Lied publicly to advance totalitarian forces in Europe against American interests.
    b) Sided with enemy forces against American soldiers.
    c) Falsely accused American officials of crimes.
    d) Took up this tainted cause at least in part because of heavy financial support from an ultra-right-wing German-American businessman in Wisconsin.
    e) Managed to help both Nazis and communists at once, a feat rarely seen since the end of the Hitler-Stalin pact.’

    Well thats just all lies. So as usual your only case is based on make-believe. And make-believe doesn’t count.

  59. DH Says:

    From a contemporary report:

    “Greenspun then challenged McCarthy’s voting record in the senate.

    “Defend your voting record, Senator and explain how you yourself on every defense bill with the exception of two voted the straight Communist party line.”

    Greenspun then turned to McCarthy’s defense in the U.S. Senate of the Nazi’s who perpetrated the infamous Malmedy massacre. He declared:

    “Kenneth Ahrens, an American soldier who had survived the massacre of 150, escaped death by falling to the ground and feigning death. When called as a witness, he stated that SS troops seemed to be in a hilarious mood and seemed to be enjoying their work.”

    Greenspun continued:

    “Joe jumped to his feet, accused Ahren of trying to inflame the public mind and instigating a “Roman holiday” by his testimony. Red faced and perspiring, McCarthy accused the judges who convicted the murderers as morons. He reserved all his wrath for the American officers.”

    Greenspun then asked the absent McCarthy to answer the following questions if he dared:

    1. What did you actually do, Senator, for the $10,000 paid to you by the Lustron Corporation?

    2. Did you pay a perverted Communist agent to spy on American diplomats?

    3. Were you ever an enlisted combat marine as you have stated so many times?

    4. Were you ever wounded in action in the South Pacific as you claim?

    5. Why did you so stoutly defend the murderous cut-throats who tied the hands and blindfolded the eyes of brave young American soldiers and then shot them in cold blood?

    When Greenspun finished, hundreds of well-wishers flocked around him, clasping his hands, and expressing their admiration for his fighting defense against the unprincipled attacked by the senator.”


    You should be tried for treason Graeme.

    Semper Fi.

  60. Genghis Sun Says:

    Sounds like Graeme really hates the Yanks

  61. Genghis Sun Says:

    what have you got against our American friends that you would approve of the pardoning of SS scum who tortured their soldiers?

  62. Genghis Sun Says:

    also looks like Tailgunner Joe really bullshitted about his war record

  63. DH Says:

    Oh yes. He was a total liar. A complete fraud. Probably also a secret communist in my estimation.

  64. graemebird Says:

    You guys have no background on any of this. This is just an example of leftist pack-animal behaviour. What else is the point of the story?

  65. graemebird Says:

    So far the only evidence we have is that he was born in Africa. There isn’t any evidence that he was born in Hawaii. Its not that there is good evidence that he was born in Hawaii. There just isn’t any evidence that has him born anywhere else.

  66. Ƀîᴙď ₣Įаρ§ Says:

    You don’t appear to know what the word “evidence” means. Wild assertions do not constitute evidence.

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